If you call 112 the following steps will be taken!

If you call 112 the following steps will be taken:
If you call 112, you will get a dispatcher on the line within 10 seconds. He or she asks: “Would you like to speak to the police, fire department or ambulance?” You are immediately transferred to the right authority.

The dispatcher first wants to know: What is your location? What is going on? Why are you calling? What has happened? Briefly tell who, what and where. State your name, the reason for your call and what location you are at.
When you have told them everything, the dispatcher will estimate how urgent the call is and whether it really is a 112 call. If that is the case, he or she creates a notification in the computer as quickly as possible. The call is immediately forwarded to another operator.

This switchboard operator passes on the report within a short time to the fire department which is closest to it.
This switchboard operator is in contact with the alerted vehicles via radios and radiotelephones.
If necessary, the dispatcher also warns other emergency services such as the police or an ambulance.
We do everything we can to arrive at the scene as quickly as possible. While we are en route, the dispatcher may ask you for more information. For example, to get a clearer picture. They may ask you what is on fire, if you can see if there are people inside and if there are any other peculiarities. The switchboard operator records this information at the time of the report. The dispatcher passes the information on to the fire department via the walkie-talkie and writes it down on the ipads in the vehicles;

When the work at the reporting location is finished, we report back to the control room via the walkie-talkie. This way the dispatcher knows that we are available for the next report.
When do you call 112?
You call 112 when there are urgent and life-threatening situations. You can also call 112 when you are a witness to a crime in the act. Abusing the 112 line is punishable by law.

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