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Hello, my name is Barča. I am from the Czech Republic, the small state in the middle of Europe. I want to share my stories with you, which I hope will be instructive or funny for you, and thanks to these stories, you can learn, how it works in other countries.

I´m with the volunteer fire department since 2015, ie since I was 11 years old. I liked the big yellow helmets, the much bigger red cars, and the firefighters who trow and roll up the hoses. So that’s why I joined the fire dept in my village, where I fell in love with firesport. After some time I found out, it’s not only about these 3 things, it’s much more interesting.

I would like to do firefighting as a job too, but everyone said to me: “you are a girl, you couldn‘t be a firefighter.“ So I forgot this dream. When I was older I found out I could be what I wanted. I can be firefighter! In our country women cannot work as state servant, but they can exert some ´´dry“ professions. So I started to study at the high school the field of dealing with the fire rescue techniques, which can also be studied by girls. Although I will not be able to fight the fire, thanks to this school I will be able to investigate the causes of fires, check production companies whether they are fire safe or pick up the phones at the call center. But I would like to investigate the causes of fire the most.

Thanks this school I started to want to be a part of voluntary unit, not only do the firesport (women can be in a voluntary unit, but can´t be in state professional one). However it isn´t comon and it is novelty in the Czech Republic and not every woman wants to do that. So every man in our unit (and the commander too) says to me: ¨nooo you´re a girl, I don’t want you with us“. But I won’t give up and when I turn 18 in half a year, I will do my best to get there. I already have fight the place in an adult man firesport team, the only one here (there aren’t a lot of girls in our dept).

The woman doesn’t have to be worse fireman than a man just because she weighs less pounds and has less strength. It is even said that women have more psychic power and manage stress better than men. And this is more than suitable for a firefighter job.

I believe that, over time, even in our country professions won’t longer be divided into male and female. Girls we have to fight!!!

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