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The fire department, are these people “idiots” or heroes?

When the pager goes off, the available firemen and women have to stop all their activities immediately. A few minutes in which all kinds of other things could have happened.

The fact that these volunteers, but also the professional fire department, are on your doorstep in a short time after the report is a small miracle. What happens in those minutes is hardly known to non firefighters.

It is the six minutes between the pager going off and being ready for action. In those six minutes there are quite a few driving minutes to get to the barracks and the place of doom quickly and safely – through thresholds and street jewelry, whether or not in rush hour, from work or from home.

In those few minutes:

– Half meals crammed inside while you’re still at the table.

– Sleep rubbed out of your eyes when you are in deep rest.

– Dry off in record time when you’re taking a shower.

– Marital duties brought to an abrupt end when you’re just the two of you for an evening.

– Shopping carts pushed to the side, usually leaving mothers behind.

– Children taken off your lap while watching Teletubbies.

– Small and large groceries squeezed when you’re quietly on the pot reading the newspaper.

– Looking for car keys? which you normally always have in a fixed place.

– Jumped when you otherwise hate running.

– You hit the alarm clock in vain because you don’t want to believe it’s that late.

– Put on the clothes you can find (sometimes very bizarre).

– Committed a pee because it always bothers you when the beeper goes off.

– Leave the visitors behind, even when it’s cozy.

– And of course leaving your work in the lurch, just when you’re busy.

Fire department always too late
Nevertheless, the fire department is often told that they often arrive too late. This is also true! If they would be on time, they would witness the start of a fire. They might then be able to prevent a house chimney from blowing, a cellar from flooding, a barrel of chemicals from leaking, or a car from driving into a tree. To ensure that they do arrive at the scene of the disaster as ‘on time’ as possible, a quick report is of great importance.

The fire department Idiots or heroes?
It is two o’clock midnight and you wake up startled. It’s a fire truck coming through your street with sirens ringing loudly. You might think: “What idiots, can’t you do that with a little less noise at this time of night?” In case of a priority message 1, this is a procedure, drive with urgency.

But think a little longer about those ‘idiots’. Because a few minutes earlier these ‘idiots’ were also at home with their families! But then the beeper went off. As soon as possible out of bed, put on clothes or even in pyjamas in the car or by bike to get to the barracks. At the barracks they put on the fireman’s suit, helmet on and jump in the car to jerk off.

These ‘idiots’ go into your burning house to save you or your belongings. But these ‘idiots’ are also waiting for you with scissors and a spreader in your hand to free you from your car if you have had an accident. Thanks to these ‘idiots’ there are still people walking around, but also animals that might not have been there otherwise. So maybe these people are not ‘idiots’, but heroes! So if you hear a siren, a group of people will go out for something good! They are there for us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Don’t forget this! Give them a free passage so they can do their work quickly and well. Minutes or even seconds can cost lives. They are, just like all other emergency services, looking for the danger where you want to go or be taken!

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